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    The RSPB BirdBox
    Firstly I must apologise for this Birding-with-Oddie style feature.
    Todays lesson is build a box.
    Keen viewers will observe that my past home made efforts pictured here have been used by many of our feathered friends, ie Wrens, BlueTits, and BlackBirds.
    And so to my latest effort, pictured above, is designed for BlueTits. However, this box started life as a BatBox - Sadly East London lacks bats and I adapted it. My boxes all vary slightly from the RPSB design as I use roofing felt.
    Box success - As I sit here at my desk many small birds are viewing vacant boxes.
    I am reliably informed that that over 60 species are known to have used nestboxes, and these include coal tits, nuthatches, house/tree sparrows, starlings, spotted flycatchers, robins, house martins, kestrels and tawny owls. Seen here below are designs for other birds should you wish to house them in your tree.
    Tawny Owl box
    Below-Stock Doves &
    Jackdaws box.....Right:-Kestrel Box.
    Above:-Barn Owl box

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    Build You Own Pet Hutch

    Suitable for small dog but built with a cat in mind.
    Why not give your cat a room of his/her own in the garden to escape the cold winter and hot summer climate. Here's one I built for nipper. I put a cat flap at each end so he could easily escape if another cat walks in. Electric light is on a time switch to warm the hutch in winter.
    The roof in hinged for human inspection, as seen here. And it is insulated between its internal and external walls to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. With its four wheels it is very easy to move around to give you cat a different view each day. What more could any cat ask for? Hutch on wheels.

    And now, what about a home for the hedgehog? Here we are. Here is ours. And we had a Hedgehog in residence. It must have an internal dividing wall to stop other unwanted visitors such as fox and cat. Ours is lined internally with a roofing underfelt, and externally with a harder wearing roofing felt as can be seen. With hinged roof and a gap to provide a vent you can easily look inside if the need arises. But don't bother the hedgehog too much. And a good spot out of the direct sun is best. Ours is under the garden bench. Our hedgehog, Speedy, liked it. Unfortunately, due to the wet spell this summer, Speedy caught pmeumonia and when I took him to the vet he was put down. This was a very sad day in our house. He was well liked. When I went back to the hutch to clean it out, I found two baby hedgehogs. Speedy was a she, not a he.

    They are in good health and were named Spike and Harry by the people at Goddards Vets, and are pictured here the far left. Harry and Spike were kept at the vets from the first month where they were hand fed before moving them back to a special run that I put together in our workshop We hope Harry and Spike will be able to hibernate soon, and be released next spring.(Written Late 2004)
    ...Drop By From Time To Time And See What Else Has Emerged...
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